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These three movements all explore their own sound worlds. The first movement, “Spring” begins with three simple melodic movements, is through- composed, and is meant to depict a verdant springtime landscape in which people/animals are playing. “The Golden Hour” is a meditation on the image of the sun setting (or rising). In photography, the term “the golden hour” refers to the time just before and after sunrise/sunset, during which daylight is reddish and soft. Lastly, “Bed Monsters” is an unbridled rondo that is evocative of someone or something being chased by a predator. The title comes from my wife, Amelia, who thought it sounded like a monster lurking under the bed (from her childhood...). 

This piece was premiered on March 12, 2016 at 11:20a in Hemmle Recital Hall at Texas Tech University during the 2016 North American Saxophone Alliance National Conference. It was commissioned by the Kenari and Barkada quartets:

Barkada Quartet is Christopher Elchico, Shane Rathburn, Steven Lawhon*, and Justin Polyblank

Kenari Quartet is Bob Eason, Kyle Baldwin, Corey Dundee, and Steven Banks

* - Harrison Clarke subbed for Steven Lawhon on this world premiere performance.


The Golden Hour

Bed Monsters