St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy (photo credit Joel Love)

Musica Dei, donum optmi was my first piece for large ensemble, written in 2005 for the Lamar Unversity A Capella Choir. In 2013, I transcribed it for Wind Ensemble. The text was especially striking to me:


Musica Dei, donum optimi,

trahit homines, trahit deos.

Musica truces millit animos,

tristesque mentes erigit,

vel ipsas arbores,et horridas movet feras



Music, gift of the Highest God,

attracts men, attracts the gods.

Music calms sad spirits,

and calms sad minds.

Music even stirs the trees,

and calms wild beasts.


Premiere Date:

            2.2.13 University of Texas WE Players