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Khroma Quartet Plays Mark Flood Miniatures


Anne Kunkle, soprano saxophone

Scott Augustine, alto saxophone

Wilson Poffenberger, tenor saxophone

Michael Chapa, baritone saxophone


Songs for the Coming Day - David Maslanka
VIII. The soul is here for its own joy 

A Schumann Bouquet - Robert Schumann/William Bolcom
I. Lieber Mai 
II. Knecht Ruprecht 
IV. Landler 
V. Sehr langsam 
VI. Lied italienischer Marinari

Steamboat - Michael Daugherty

Michelangelo ‘70 - Astor Piazzolla/Michael Chapa

Mark Flood Miniatures - Joel Love
I. “Always”
II. Whispers
III. Millions Will Die
IV. Lullaby
V. This Just In

Nuages - Eugene Bozza

speed metal organum blues - Gregory Wanamaker